Things to Consider before Choosing your Legal Process Outsourcing Vendor

The Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries expands outsourcing as a process that arranges for somebody outside a company to do work or provide goods for that company. The two primary reasons why a company or enterprise outsources would be to reduce labor and operational costs as well as shift strategic focus to more core business goals and planning. Yes, most industries have jumped onto the outsourcing wagon, for sure. This might be a good time to jog your memory and revisit our earlier blog that spoke of reasons to outsource litigation support services. Getting back to legal process outsourcing. Going by the pervasive economic flux, is it wise for something as rigid as law or anything legal, to choose to outsource? Well, let us find out. If you are looking for the ideal outsourced legal process partner, we recommend you begin with a thorough checklist.  

Legal Process Outsourcing

  • Outline What You Need to Achieve by the LPO Association – What do you plan to gain by outsourcing your legal process? Is it to reduce overheads and running costs, focus on new products and projects? Is it both or something else, altogether? Once you have defined your outsourcing goal, things would automatically fall in place.

  • Always Do Thorough Background Checks – Yes, better a known devil than the unknown angel! Every company needs to know what you’re getting into. Verify the LPO vendor’s experience, turn around time, confidentiality clause, expertise and capability before finally signing the dotted line.

  • Request for Sample Work and / Case Study – Most NDAs once drawn is hard to retract from. Hence, it’s always best to know that you are making the right decision about your LPO dealer. If the legal process outsourcing entity has not disclosed details on their official website, ask for work samples or case studies about their past work.

  • Check for Security and Confidentiality of Data – Data security and diligence is of extreme importance. Ensure that you carefully scrutinize the practices that LPO vendor has in place. Considering the fact that you would be handing over data to a third party supplier, assure yourself that would be no breach of data.      

  • Look Over the Certifications & IT Infrastructure of the LPO – Once you sign up with an LPO vendor, you’re more likely to stick with the same player. Yes, you’re in it for the long haul. To make it worth your time & money, run a check on the certifications and definitely ask for the infrastructure. It’s only these and manpower can you evaluate the appropriate time and agility of delivery.

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