What is Legal Document Coding and Why is it Important?

Legal documentation coding is the process in which we take a standard legal precedent and add syntax to it in such a way that it can be properly automated with legal document automation or assembly software. Not to be confused with Legal coding, which is widely used in the legal profession to create a fast-search index, a process in which we create a summary or keyword data from a document.

Legal Document Coding

In the field of legal documentation coding, once a legal document is coded out, it can be used in a legal document assembly, which enables your lawyers to create your documents faster, and more efficiently by reducing time. Ideally, work towards a software by collecting information from a database completes the legal document assembly.

To quote the esteemed sci-fi writer Arthur. C. Clarke, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic!” That’s right, with the world advancing technologically, tasks have been easier to complete. However, that wasn’t always the case [yes, pun intended!] In the relatively recent times, document coding in legacy platforms was extremely difficult, as it required advanced knowledge in coding syntax similar to that of a computer program. Keep reading to understand why legal document coding is a much-desired requisite today.

Let’s deep-dive into the 2 broad types of legal document coding – objective and subjective. Objective coding can be primarily defined as the process of collecting or recording data from documents. For instance, date, author, recipient, type of documents, title, source, attachments, person’s connection, exhibit number, and similar parameters. It comprises extracting data from electronic documents and images and review it against the text for any inherent inaccuracy in the metadata. In contrast, subjective coding is a much more comprehensive coding process in addition to objective coding that includes keywords and relevant data coding from the document text. Subjective coding is adaptable and can be tailored to individual company requirements.

Why must you outsource Legal Document Coding to Riant Data?

Since 2017, Riant Data has been providing a wide range of data capture and litigation support services. Backed by our expert core legal document coding team who can effortlessly pore over and inspect and sort millions of litigation documents, we deliver data that is presented in a systematically organized form. We tether together all the relevant documents in a chronological fashion for efficient information reference and retrieval.

Three cornerstones bind the DNA of Riant Data. They being:

  • Immaculate Quality –Ensuring customer delight by providing the highest degree of accuracy possible through rigorous quality testing before any delivery.

  • Well-timed Delivery – We strictly adhere to the PDCA [Plan Do Check Act] cycle to methodically plan our projects and monitor the progress keeping the overall project objectives, scope as well as the timelines.

  • Transparent & Fair Pricing – Yes, we do understand that money is important, but so is fairness. Our flexible pricing policy with a perfect balance between quality and price reflects the value that you gain from our services.

Do you have a project that requires precise legal document coding services? Drop us your requirement below & we’d be at your service!  

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