Why is Accuracy Important in Data Entry Processing?

As the twentieth century American poet firmly asserted, “Accuracy of observation is the equivalent of accuracy of thinking.” Data accuracy is one of the key aspects that define the quality of data. At Riant Data, we lay utmost stress to accuracy & are proud to state that we have had a 99.99% success rate. It’s true; data has long gone online. But in the unprecedented and unsure times that live in, accuracy of data entry deserves paramount credence. Comb through the below best practices that can help your company maintain excellent success rate with data entry processing.

Data Entry Processing
  1. Set your overarching goals & standards: Typically, the quantum of data would vary between projects. Towards this, set your goal and confirm the same with your client. It would also help if you align it with your company’s credo of the diligent standards of accuracy, right at the outset.  

  2. Early error detection: The greatest mistake human beings make is to imagine that we never err. Enhance data accuracy by keeping an eye out for and being vigilant about errors and quickly stem the same. This delivers a twin-edged benefit – it saves cost and also, money.

    Take for instance, this scenario. One of the digits in the mobile numbers entered amid the voluminous data entered is incorrect. How would this affect your consumer or client? It would affect their lead flow and quality that could lead to wrong consignments. Finally, the nail in the coffin would be delayed payments and in effect, less money to roll within your company. Always empower your team to learn to identify the sources of data inaccuracies in the initial stages.

  3. Speed, without affecting accuracy: Man is easily losing his coveted quality of patience. Everyone needs quick jobs delivered. While time is valuable, no job must be done without 100% efficacy and accuracy. For, a job half done is as bad as a job not done at all!  

  4. Up-to-date software tools: Like man is prone to making errors, so is technology. The best way to turn errors around would be to automate and customize the process using the latest technology. Agile technology such as ICR – Intelligent Character Recognition and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) similar tools can drastically reduce the workload of data entry. The automatic reading and extracting of data is a big step to help. Less manual entry would obviously translate to fewer mistakes. This way, the team is blessed with more time to analyze the data.

  5. Stick to optimal data entry practices: Adopt robust data entry standards like geo-coding, matching, data monitoring, data profiling, etcetera. These would largely help to help you improve the overall quality of data entry processing.

  6. Perfecting delivery: With these basic pointers in place, your team could work towards sharpening the rate at which quality delivery can be a guarantee.

To sum up, the three principal mandates and objectives for accuracy in data entry would be:-

  1. Impeccable Data capture
  2. Unflawed Coding &
  3. First-class Quality

With admirable rates and impressive turn-round times, Riant Data has been bagging offshore clientele with each passing day. Do you have a project that needs to be executed flawlessly? Let us talk! Simply fill in your details below. 

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